Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Expect the Unexpected it is the New Normal

Today expect the unexpected. Never and I mean never, expect that there will not be some bumps in the road to Underwriter-Ville. In today’s New Era of lending and a shortage of good Processors, Underwriters, and inside help the process is very stressful! We do try and set the stage however, with the instant gratification world we live in it is very unsettling to many who are applying for Mortgage loans to understand. With the exit of over 40,000 or more Loan officers and support folks from the ranks it is more work delegated to less people. We have an article about the perfect loan that was presented by Forbes that we would gladly share with those looking to Refinance or purchase a home is Buyer beware, but know the reasons why and you will see. E-Mail me at mrwilljville@comcast.net or go to our website www.willrudloff.com and request the perfect loan article this will be worth the read. Have an Empowered day and tell someone today about our help in the mortgage process. Mr. Will from Jacksonville


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