Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Property appraisals not done correctly.

We had to make changes as to my business model but this is worth sharing as the Appraisal process is broken and listen here.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fox Valley new Black Swan additions

http://youtu.be/QYQaQF64S9U4 New residents to the Fox Valley Community

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Mary says.

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Dan was reviewing some papers when Marie entered his office. ” Hey, you’ve been awfully quiet today. What’s up?” asked Marie. ”Oh, I’m just reviewing the results of this little survey I gave to several of my friends. I wanted to know how they would go about finding a new real estate agent if they didn’t know me. I interviewed twenty people and most of them said that they would look for real estate signs in their neighborhood to find a new real estate agent. They felt comfortable using an agent who had done a lot of business in their neighborhood.” “You mean that if a local person went on-line and found a home they liked, they would call the new real estate agent whose name was on a sign in their neighborhood instead of the listing agent,” asked Marie. ”Apparently so,” replied Dan. “I find that interesting. So much for enhancing your on-line presence. You’re better off farming a neighborhood and getting your sign up on as many properties as you can,” said Marie.” “Marie, you should always be working on your on-line presence and give your listings maximum exposure. What if someone transferring to the area from out-of-state found your listing on Realtor.com?” asked Dan. “You do have a point. I’m going to concentrate on getting more listings. It’s just so difficult,” responded Marie. “Marie, it just takes time and determination. You have to constantly fill your pipeline with prospects – leads and referrals that you get. Make sure that you are networking and following up with the people you meet who will be a source of referrals for you. Make good use of the leads you get when doing floor time. Get their contact information and stay in touch with them. Start farming neighborhoods where your niche client lives,” advised Dan.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Self-restraint From Forbes Earlier

Forbes Thought Of The Day “A man without self-restraint is like a barrel without hoops, and tumbles to pieces.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Monday, March 4, 2013

Why me?

Sometimes it is timing sometimes not Sometimes MWfJ