Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am I smarter than you??

Thought this article was worth sharing:

I’m smarter than you are
November 16th, 2011. By Mike Marchev

I could wax eloquent on this subject and have lots of fun doing so.
But in the interest of time–both yours and mine, I will immediately
Address the subject at hand.

I believe I am smarter than you for five very simple reasons:

1. I read a lot. I don’t care what books you read while attending
Harvard or MIT. Or Wellesley or Smith. I was a History Major at UMASS
and for the past 40 years, I have yet to be asked a question about the
Battle of 1812. I do want to know everything I can about people,
sales, marketing, why people think the way they do and how the
different generations differ in thought and practice. The answer to
all these questions come as a result of reading. And I read a lot. Do
You read a lot? Or are you content on staring at your diploma from a
Zillion years ago?

2. I fail a lot. I refuse to stay within my comfort zone and play it
safe. I am constantly trying new things both on and away from the
Internet. I believe that with failure comes learning. I fail a lot. Do
You fail a lot? Do you learn from your failures?

3. I am coachable. Knowing you don’t know it all is key. Being able to
Internalize constructive criticism and learn from other’s experiences
Is a skill worth developing? With being coachable comes the
Willingness to practice. I practice a lot. Do you practice a lot?

4. I listen a lot? Most people simply wait their turn to speak. I
Listen a lot. Do you listen a lot? Do you enter a conversation with?
The understanding that you already know what you know, and that the
Trick is to learn and benefit from what others know. The key is to
Develop the skill of “listening.” Go to school on other people.

5. I laugh a lot. The ability to find the humor in most situations is
A skill that differentiates the true professionals from the wanna-bes.
Humor drives a happy environment. Being confident enough to laugh at
Yourself puts others at ease. I laugh a lot. Do you laugh a lot?

And there you have it. Five reasons why I believe I am smarter than you are.

I read, fail, learn, listen and laugh more than you do. Hence, I in my
World by my definition, I am smarter than you.

But, as in everything I do and everything I say, I may be wrong. In
This case, I truly hope I am wrong. I want to believe that you read,
fail, learn, listen and laugh more than I do. Because if you do, you
are on your way to a super-fine life. Get on track. Then keep on
track. Be smarter than me.
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