Monday, September 12, 2011

Credit and Collecting Debt from TY Crandall Elite Credit earlier today

The Fair Debt Collection Practices act is a law designed to protect consumers against unruly creditors and collection companies.
They have a ton of rights under this act which will help stop creditors and debt collectors in their tracts.
We use this law to help locate creditor and debt collector violations, and then use those violations against them to force the removal of negative credit items.
Take a look at what creditors and collectors CAN'T do by law, and see how many of these violations you have seen before...
Debt collectors are not allowed to tell others details about the consumer including that they owe a debt, they cannot communicate with anyone other than the consumer more than once, not communicate through post card or have ANY markings on the outside of their envelope indicating they might be a debt collector.
Basically, collection companies cannot use the fact that they are a debt collector to bully you into paying.
They cannot identify themselves as a debt collector to your employer, and they cannot send things in the mail to identity they are a debt collector with the intent of embarrassing or causing other hardship to you.
Debt collectors are also not allowed to call a consumer at an unusual time or place. This includes before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. A debt collector cannot contact a consumer at their place of employment if they have reason to believe this is prohibited by the employer.
They are also required to immediately cease and desist contact with you if you are represented by and attorney, or if you notify them to do so in writing or notify them that you refuse to pay the debt.
Any violations within this act can be costly to the debt collector, especially in the civil and class action aspects.
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